Silence those clicky Logitech G25/G27 pedals

Here is an easy mod for your Logitech pedals which gets rid of that annoying metallic clack when the pedals extend fully after you lift your foot.  They are noisy things out of the box, more so with stiffer springs.  A bit of adhesive Velcro, a flathead and Philips screw driver are all that’s required.

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Mitsubishi HF-SP102 AC Servo Motor – Replacing the Encoder

Mitsubishi HF-SP102 AC Servo Motor – Replacing the Encoder

I picked up a Mitsu HF-SP102 servo motor for my OSW direct drive wheel project.  It’s much lighter than a Mige 130, weighing only 6.5kg.  I also like that it is made in Japan.  It has lower inertia than the Mige, and it should put out enough torque (constant 5Nm at 6A RMS, and maximum 15Nm with 16A RMS).

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Logitech G27 Load Cell Brake Mod

Logitech G27 Load Cell Brake Mod

Logitech G27 pedals are well constructed, but the pedal feel and the brake response leave a lot to be desired.  The lack of a pressure based brake made it difficult to consistently apply the same amount of braking.  The first upgrade I installed was a GTEye progressive spring, which made the brake firmer, and a bit more progressive feeling.  I think it would actually be better if it was more progressive, it still didn’t feel realistic.  Keep in mind that firmer pedals require a more sturdy rig to mount your setup on.

I figured the braking accuracy would be better with a load cell.  A potentiometer has limited resolution at the point when the brake gets progressively firmer, because the potentiometer reads movement rather than pressure.  So I looked at the load cell options available for the G27/G25.  The APElectrix mod uses a button load cell, which sits inside the red spring housing and limits spring length and pedal travel, which didn’t seem ideal.  You could buy your own button load cell, and work out a spring combination that you like.  I had seen a load cell mod for T500 pedals that used a beam load cell and looked more durable.  I set out to make something similar for the G27.

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70mm adaptor for Logitech G27 wheel

I picked up a leather Momo steering wheel, and made a quick wooden adaptor so that I could mount it on the Logitech G27. The top part is narrower to allow the G27 shift indicator to sit above it, not that it ever shows anything.  It works fine and didn’t cost me anything to make.  The 350mm Momo wheel is great, but it highlights the lack of torque in the g27.

wood g27 standard 70mm wheel adaptor

Connect Logitech G27 Shifter and Pedals to STM32F4 Discovery board with MMOS firmware

Connect Logitech G27 Shifter and Pedals to STM32F4 Discovery board with MMOS firmware

After reading how good the new direct drive wheels are for sim racing, I decided to build one.  I planned to use my existing Logitech G25/G27 pedals and shifter.  Martin Ascher has written a tutorial for the open sim wheel, and there is also Beano’s guide for an idea of how to setup a Granite Devices Ioni as the servo drive.  It’s very exciting, and I’m building a timber enclosure for the servo drive unit.  I’m using an STElectronics STM32F4-Discovery board as the USB HID controller, loaded with the MMOS firmware.  I’m coming from a G27 setup, and I plan to keep using the same pedals and shifter.

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