Sim rigs can be very big and ugly, which means they aren’t very suitable for the family living room.  I finally made time to build one that looks like an interesting piece of furniture, with high wife acceptance.  I’m using an Oculus Rift CV1, and this minimal rig is perfect with it.  The steering wheel is very comfortable, the wooden pedals are warm and feel great on the feet, and the S2000 seat is very supportive.


The timber is all recycled, I used old jarrah fence posts.  Most rigs look hard to get into, or they have a centre pole that gets in the way of your legs.  I went for a cantilevered design, and it’s very rigid with zero flex due to the chunky timber.


The seat is a leather one from a Honda S2000, and it’s very comfy.  The leather looks great, and you don’t need massive side bolsters because there is no lateral force in a sim rig.


The top of the cantilever is angled so that the angled motor mount can be used.  Did I mention how much I like my OSW Direct drive wheel.


The cantilever structure is bolted to the base, so it can be removed or relocated if necessary.



It is exactly what I was after, incredibly rigid and it doesn’t look like a gigantic piece of Meccano.

Wooden gt3 open wheeler f1 style wheel for OSW Direct drive inexpensive


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