I wanted to build a new gaming PC to go with my OSW Direct drive wheel, custom hydraulic load cell pedals, and Oculus Rift CV1.  VR is the best thing to happen to gaming in years, it is revolutionary for driving games.  The requirements were for a full size gaming card, mini or matx motherboard, standard intel CPU cooler, ssd hard drive.  I had no requirement for an optical drive.  This meant most PC cases were a waste of space with 3.5″ and optical drive slots.  I liked the idea of the thermaltake core v1 and it was a compact size, but it looked a bit cheap – and it only allows mini itx boards.  I wanted an overclockable core i5 k-series setup, and the mini itx motherboards I looked at with z97 or z170 chipsets either had inadequate power circuitry (eg. gigabyte) or were very expensive.  In contrast, matx boards are available that overclock well with low prices.  I also worked out that I could fit a matx board into roughly the same size case as the core v1.  Thermaltake make a core case to fit matx, but it’s quite a bit bigger.   I decided to just build a case  myself.


The top of the case has a vent for the CPU heat to escape.  The side has a vent for the graphics card to stick in cool air.  Using a 1070 founders edition means that all the heat goes out the back of the case.  I really didn’t like the way my old Asus gtx 770 would dump heat into the case on my last PC.


 The frame is made from 20mm x 20mm pine, with no frame at the lower rear so that the full sized PSU can sit hard into the corner for space saving.  Likewise, the matx motherboard sits on the middle platform, hard into the sides and back of the case to make it as compact possible. This framing is 245x280x300mm.  I measured the location of matx mounting points, and using a grinding disc and chisel to cut away wood around the mounting points, so that it has clearance for stuff sticking out of the bottom of the motherboard.  Next time I would simply make small 5mm thick wooden standups for the board to sit on.  In the pic below, the front is on the right, with the back of the case on the left.


 The wood for the outside is recycled jarrah fence palings, which were very rough, cracked, and irregular.


The rear was measured very accurately, according to matx case specifications, to fit a standard back motherboard I/O panel and a double slot graphics card, with a standard sized PSU at the bottom.


The opening on the front of the case for a 120mm fan to sit behind, sucking air into the case.


Outside dimensions are 320mm long, 290mm high, and 265mm wide.  It looks a bit different to a plain old black aluminum case.






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