If you want an inexpensive wheel adaptor for your direct drive force feedback setup, you can make a very simple and effective clamp from timber.  A split wooden clamp with one bolt works very well, and it is absolutely solid, with zero slippage.   You need to be careful to drill and sand the centre hole of the clamp to be just the right size for a snug fit on the motor shaft, and the clamp will hold it solid.  I would recommend an accurate drill bit, like the Irwin Speedmax.  Standard spade drill bits don’t tend to make a nice round hole.  I used a slightly smaller diameter drill than the motor shaft, and sanded it bigger for a snug fit.


You could make the clamp alone, and mount a regular wheel with some  wood screws.  Or you can also build a wooden wheel for it, like I did.

I built an open wheeler steering wheel, based on a BMW M3 GT3 wheel I really liked.  It feels great in the  hands.



The wooden wheel is attached to the clamp with glue and two screws.  The glue is only on the half of the clamp surface which doesn’t have the split.  I cut two of the screws down so that they don’t actually screw into the clamp on the side with the split, so only 2 of the 4 screws are actually into the clamp.  That way the split side of the wheel adaptor can flex and clamp the shaft securely.


The weight is absolutely minimal for this wheel, it moves very quick and responsively.  I was planning to wrap the handles with some black foam grip tape, but I like it with plain timber.  It’s very comfortable.


Total cost about $20 for some glue, a couple of big bugle screws, some shellac, and sand paper.  Scraps of eucalyptus hard wood.



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