Silence those clicky Logitech G25/G27 pedals

Here is an easy mod for your Logitech pedals which gets rid of that annoying metallic clack when the pedals extend fully after you lift your foot.  They are noisy things out of the box, more so with stiffer springs.  A bit of adhesive Velcro, a flathead and Philips screw driver are all that’s required.

Flip the pedals over, and use a flathead screwdriver to remove the carpet spike strip.  Wedge the pivot so it pops out.  This gives easy access to the screws below.


Unscrew all 16 silver screws on the base.  Carefully lift the pedal cover forwards, and remove the two screws holding the wire to the top.


For each pedal, compress the pedal and stick some small squares of adhesive backed Velcro under the two metal corners of the pedal that strike the base plate.

Velcro pedal mod g27 quiet

Also place Velcro under the plastic leg from the potentiometers.


Carefully put the pedals back together, making sure the wires are sitting in their place nicely before putting the cover on.


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